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Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force

On January 30, 2013, the county commissioners passed a resolution endorsing the creation of the Allen County Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force. This is large task force with approximately 40 members representing many geographic areas and points of view.


To promote increased walking and bicycling in Allen County that will help:

  • Benefit our local economy by boosting the real estate market, supporting local economic development, and crating more consumer spending.
  • Our youth stay active. Having communities that allow youth to safely walk or bicycle to school and in their neighborhoods enable children to have an active and healthy childhood.
  • Make the air more breathable. Often, people drive even for short trips, because it’s unsafe to walk or ride a bike, which increases vehicle emissions.
  • Increase safety. The Lima Urbanized Area has experienced bicycle and pedestrian crashes that ranked first and second respectively in 2010 for similar sized communities.


The Task Force meets quarterly and has four subcommittees:

  • Public Education & Outreach—Developing educational materials on the benefits of a walk and bike-friendly community.
  • Marketing and Promotion—Publicizing current assets and resources in the community, working on content for an upcoming Task Force web page.
  • Pedestrian Work Group—Working with the marketing committee to promote marked walking paths.
  • Bicycle Work Group—Promoting bike safety, bike racks and bike events.

If you would like to stay informed of the Task Force activities join a subcommittee, or add your name to the newsletter email list, contact Monica Harnish at