Allen County Regional Transit Authority Supports Clean Air

Author: PICH Team

November 22, 2016

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The Allen County Regional Transit Authority (ACRTA) serves families and individuals from Allen County and the rest of the United States. Approximately 500 people utilize the transfer center daily including Greyhound customers and over 360,000 use ACRTA Transportation services here in Allen County every year. In order to protect employees and customers ACRTA has begun implementing a new tobacco-free policy that protects members, employees and the public from harmful second hand smoke & tobacco use. The policy will take full effect on January 1, 2017.
It had been a long-standing practice that smoking was not permitted in company vehicles or in company buildings. However, they would like to support healthy behaviors and choices for all employees and customers. ACRTA is providing incentives for employees who currently use tobacco products who quit and will provide cessation assistance for employees as well. Through their partnership with Activate Allen County, an updated, clearly stated, written tobacco free policy was developed and will be implemented on January 1, 2017. RTA Board Chair, Dick Accountius spoke about the importance of providing a tobacco free environment for employees and the community. “Our Mission is dedicated to providing a safe, dependable, courteous, cost-effective transportation service and providing a cleaner environment for the community, it seems responsible to consider the health of our customers and employees also.”

ACRTA is leading by example by supporting healthy behaviors for the community and for their customers and employees. They assist members in meeting their health and well-being goals, including living tobacco free lives. Discover all that the Allen County Regional Transit Authority has to offer by visiting thier website at or by stopping in at 200 E. High St. Lima, OH.