More Allen County Workplaces Are Recognized as Activated Businesses!

Author: Activate Allen County

June 6, 2017

On May 26th at the monthly Wake, Rattle and Roll event held by the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce, Activate Allen County recognized more workplaces for their work in employee wellness. Through the Activated Business Challenge, any Allen County workplace can assess their current level of wellness using a scorecard. Once they obtain their initial score and recommendations for improvements from the PICH grant staff, they can decide on an enhancement plan that fits their current needs. The goal of the challenge is to identify policies, environmental changes and educational needs that can be addressed to increase the focus on employee health. Once the workplace obtains enough points to place them in the Gold, Silver or Bronze level categories, they are eligible to attend a recognition ceremony.


At the May 26th ceremony, 6 workplaces were honored with Gold, Silver and Bronze level awards based on their initial scores and then points added for changes made based on the recommendations from the PICH grant staff. At the Gold level, Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Allen County Commissioners, Lima Memorial Health System, NOW Marketing Group and The Donna Krech Companies were honored. At the Silver level, The Lima Family YMCA was honored. In total, 19 workplaces have been honored with awards through the Activated Business Challenge. This means that about 5,000 Allen County employees are working for organizations who have partnered with Activate Allen County to increase their focus on employee health!


We are excited about the number of employees impacted and the number of workplaces who value the health of their employees and in turn, value the health of Allen County. However, we still have work to do! Businesses can apply for the challenge at any time by visiting our website, www.ActivateAllenCounty.com. Recognition ceremonies are planned for twice every year to ensure that all workplaces are recognized for their efforts in workplace wellness. Interested in seeing a listing of all who have been awarded recognition through the Activated Business Challenge? Head to our website and check out the Healthy Workplace tab. Once you see the current Gold, Silver and Bronze level winners, take a few moments and apply to include your workplace in the next ceremony. For further questions or more information, contact the Activate Allen County office at 419-221-5035.