Bath Local Schools Recognized as Tobacco Free Campus

Author: Activate Allen County

March 4, 2016

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Activate Allen County has recognized Bath Local Schools for their efforts in protecting their students, staff, and the public from the exposure of second-hand smoke, as well as focusing on teaching their students to avoid addictive habits that create potential health and financial issues through life by establishing their Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.

In August, the Board of Education approved several policy updates. One of the policies is the result of responses to one of the survey questions many parents responded to last year relating to tobacco use and smoking on school grounds. In this policy change, the Board designated the Bath Local School District campus as a tobacco-free site including e-cigarettes and vaping. This policy was put in place to provide a healthier environment for their students and community members. While on school grounds, this includes the athletic fields across from the middle school and high school, smoking of any kind and chewing tobacco is now prohibited. The community will begin to see signage appear soon. The school is excited about this move and hopes the community will respect and embrace this new policy as an improvement to their school environment.

Activate Allen County is seeking to partner with local businesses and organizations that would like assistance in creating a tobacco-free campus policy for their establishment. Activate Allen County team members can provide resources to businesses and organizations hoping to participate. Contact their office at 419-221-5035.Bath Local Schools, Tobacco Free Campus, Activate Allen County,