Choosing the Right Club, Gym or Wellness Center

Author: PICH Team

December 20, 2016

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Deciding to be a healthier version of yourself is easy, however, finding the best way to accomplish your goals can be a challenge. Choosing the right support network and a gym/club can be stressful and overwhelming for many people. Which is understandable, because signing up for a membership is an important decision. It is a choice that requires research and careful consideration. We’d like to offer 5 helpful suggestions that will assist you in choosing the best option for you and your family.

Take the Tour – Tour all of the facilities in your area and see which is offers the programs, services and amenities that you are looking for. We suggest making a priority list of amenities to ensure that your greatest needs and interests are available.
Try it Out – Ask for a trial membership or guest passes during your tour. It is important use the facilities that you are considering joining. If they won’t give you a free pass to try the club out, it is probably not the club to join.
Review your Contracts. – Take the time to read and review your contract before signing your name. Make sure you understand how long your contract will last and keep an eye out for add-ons/extras. Some facilities require no contracts whatsoever.
Set a Budget – Know your membership budget limit. Memberships can be significant financial commitments, so make sure that you can afford it. Some facilities offer financial scholarships for those in financial need.
Avoid Gimmicks – Just because you can get a free gym bag fand your first month is a $1, doesn’t mean that signing that 3-year contract is in your best interest.