The Dough Hook in Bluffton Delivers on Healthy Options

Author: PICH Team

November 2, 2016

Do you ever find yourself wondering “What’s for dinner?” at 1 pm on Wednesday? If you are like many working families, the likely answer is yes! The Dough Hook in Bluffton offers some options that are sure to please the busy, on the go families around Allen County. We are pleased to partner with the Dough Hook as our newest member of the Active Menu Challenge, a program through Activate Allen County. The Menu Challenge promotes healthy on the go food options to the community as a way to maintain a healthy diet, even when not cooking at home.

Taking a spin on the popular sites that allow you to order meals and have them delivered to your door, Marlena offers fresh meal boxes that she designs with the everyday family in mind. Each week, she chooses 3 recipes and provides those recipes, along with all needed ingredients in a box that is ready for you to pick up. The recipes are easy to follow, kid and family friendly and feed 4 people. All of this for only $49.00! Three meals, each feeding four people for only $4.08 per person, per meal. Plus, these meals are nutritious and fresh ingredients are provided. These meal boxes will save you from plenty of trips through a drive-thru and can greatly assist you in meal planning for the week.

But wait, there is more! For those of us who wait for the last minute to think about dinner and end up going out and spending more money at restaurants and drive-thrus then we would like to admit, Marlena can offer you a hot meal to pick up on your way home. By calling The Dough Hook before noon, you can choose from a number of fresh, healthy meals that will be made for you and ready for you at the end of the day. Meal options include soups, chicken and rice, beef roast and pork chops. Using fresh meats and produce, these meals will be on your table, ready to feed your family and you can feel good about providing a warm and homemade meal to them. The best part- you didn’t have to do anything but pick it up!

Owner Marlena Ballinger is excited about the opportunities she is able to provide to the community to have healthy, homemade food available, especially for Bluffton residents. “Our Fresh Meals, which are three meals designed to feed four people, brings easy menu planning for families while offering them a fresh healthy meal. Something else that has happened is that is brings young adults and teenagers into the kitchen as the boxes have easy to follow instructions in them. The Dough Hook is excited to make cooking fun and easy for family members.

Meanwhile, our Home Cooked meals allow busy families to pick up a healthy “Home Cooked Meal” that is hot and ready to place on the table. I create these meals using fresh, healthy ingredients that my mom taught me to cook with.”

What a great way to provide to the community with a unique service that is both nutritious and convenient! We are happy to partner with The Dough Hook and we hope that you will support them as they continue to serve our community. The Dough Hook is located at 117 N. Main Street in Bluffton, OH and you can contact them by calling 419-369-4264. For a full listing of participating Active Menu Challenge restaurants, head to our website www.activateallencounty.com and go to the Healthy Communities area to access the listing of restaurants and their approved options. For additional questions, contact our office 419-221-5035