Elida Local Schools Joins the Activated School Challenge Program

Author: PICH Team

February 14, 2017

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Activate Allen County held it’s 2016-2017 Activated School Challenge Award Ceremony (sponsored by St Rita’s Health Partners) on January 13, 2017. One of this year’s winners is Elida Local Schools. They are taking action to create a healthy environment their students. The goal for the program at Elida Local schools is that the Elementary and Middle School students will become more physically active and discover ways to continue to be life-long, active adults. The staff at these two buildings are providing students the opportunities to become active participants in activities and events throughout the school day. This program has the potential of reaching over 1500 students. Elida Local Schools believe and know that the health of our students is essential in order for them to be successful in school and be able to achieve their goals.

Through the leadership of our Physical Education Teachers, Recess Aides and School Nurse, students at the Elida Elementary building will be provided opportunities such as:
Increased physical activity time, such as indoor recess, for participation in the GoNoodle program, 150 minutes per students earns the student a “toe token.”
Walking program during recess, providing toe tokens for each mile logged.
Jump ropes provided at school and on loan for home to log 150 minutes jumping. Doing so will earn the student a “toe token.”

Through the leadership of Elida’s Physical Education Teachers, School Nurse and their Safety Director, Elida Middle School Students’ Track and Field day opportunities will be enhanced:
Providing chances to win a grand prize, if the student participates in at least 3 individual events.
Team events will earn the Champions such things as a day of skating or bowling!
Track and Field Events will provide concurrent increased movement of students by providing additional equipment for several of the events.
Middle School students who arrive at school early will also have the opportunity to participate in a walking program that will earn them “toe tokens” for each 150 minutes of walking.

Elida Local Schools will begin implementing these activities and events and “growing” their students’ participation in becoming (and staying) active! Congratulations for your accomplishments and commitment to a healthier Allen County!