First Baptist Daycare Puts Focus on Health

Author: PICH Team

November 25, 2016

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First Baptist Daycare in Lima, Ohio is ensuring that all of the children that they care for have the opportunities to stay active and to be healthy. Childhood obesity is a major issue in Allen County, Ohio and the United States. Here in Allen County, according the the 2014 Allen County Health Risk and Community Needs Assessment, 32% of children in Allen County are either overweight or obese. Solutions begin with the youngest among as that is why First Baptist Daycare is placing a priority on health and wellness.
This process began with First Baptist Daycare assessing and evaluating their current practices, policies and procedures. Based on those assessments, an improvement plan was created and implemented that resulted in an all encompassing Physical Activity Policy and revamped menus.
Melissa Bockey, Director of First Baptist Daycare Center explained why the health of the children that they serve is so important. “Keeping children safe and healthy is an important part of what we do at First Baptist Daycare. Good nutrition and physical activity are key to every child’s good health. Because we know that children form most of their food preferences and eating habits in their early years, providing good nutrition and many opportunities for physical activity allows First Baptist Daycare to help cultivate healthy habits that hopefully last a lifetime. PICH has been an important resource for First Baptist Daycare and has helped us implement permanent health and wellness practices and policies for our children and their families.”
First Baptist Daycare is leading the way in our region when it comes to proving a healthy environment for the youngsters they work with each day. To find out more about First Baptist Daycare stop in at 451 N. Cable Rd. Lima, OH or call Melissa at (419) 224-4189.