Fitting Health & Wellness into the Workplace

Author: Activate Allen County

March 4, 2016

Every workplace should have a health and fitness plan in place for its employees. Making healthy lifestyle choices outside of the workplace can be difficult when you’re always busy with errands, kids, and anything else life throws your way. This is why K & M Tire in Delphos made the decision to create the K & M Fitness Center! The official opening of the center was on October 20th and is now available for the K & M employees to use 24/7.

The K & M Fitness Center has been in the works for quite some time. The company has been working to create a fitness culture in the workplace which focuses on exercising and developing healthy lifestyle habits. For K & M, timing was everything in creating their fitness center. Their business has recently been expanded which provided the perfect opportunity to make the fitness center a reality.

While the fitness center is new, the focus on making healthy lifestyle choices has always been a huge part of K & M’s culture. The company medical plan is a comprehensive guide to improving health. All employees have an opportunity to become more knowledgeable and aware of how they can achieve better health. Programs like the Virgin Pulse Pedometer initiative that encourages employees to be active, the Live Your Best Life Incentive Program that encourages employees to make small lifestyle changes and many other services that employees can take advantage of can help everyone at K&M Tire to stay on top of their health.

Companies everywhere should be making efforts similar to K & M Tire to give their employees many opportunities to make healthy choices. Even if your company cannot afford to create a fitness center, there are many other ways you can incorporate health and wellness into your workplace. There are programs you can implement, such as the ones mentioned above. You can sign up for company yoga, sign your team up for a 5K, or create a wellness competition. Motivate your employees to become healthier people! It’s so important to fit health & wellness into the workplace because employees may not have a lot of time for it outside of work. Having a plan in place at work will meet the needs of your employees and their schedules.

When your employees are healthier, they are going to be happier which will actually end up benefitting the company in the long run. Happy employees are more productive and will do their work to the best of their ability. Health and wellness needs to be looked at as a necessity in the workplace, rather than an option or even a nuisance. Making simple efforts and taking even the smallest of steps towards creating healthy lifestyles for your employees, will make for happier employees and a happier work environment.

Whether it’s a fitness center or a wellness program, giving your employees that opportunity, just as K & M Tire has, will help your employees achieve their best health status, and in turn, their best work performance. Thank you K & M Tire for being a community success story!

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