Healthy Families: Stay active despite the heat

Author: Activate Allen County

July 25, 2017

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Summer is in full swing and we’ve been “blessed” with some hot and humid days already. We have 90 degree/high humidity days coming in the next month and a half. Being active and exercising in these temperatures can create an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous experience. However, this is the best time to get moving and remain active. Exercising in the summer requires some special precaution and considerations. Here are some tips on keeping your moving and safe.
AC is our friend – One simple way to beat the heat is to take it inside and take some fitness classes. We recommend using active transportation to get to the gym. Riding your bicycle or walking to a work-out facility is a great way to take advantage of the summer, and also safely participate in a high-energy workout with climate controlled air-conditioning.
Dress appropriately – Lightweight, loos-fitting, light-colored clothing is the best choice. There are many new styles of breathable materials and fabric options to choose from.
Embrace the water – Get swimming already! Our region has numerous pools, splash pads, ponds and lakes to keep you cool. Lots of water can mean a great workout without feeling like one. There is always the option of swimming laps, but playing games like “Marco-polo”, volleyball, tag, etc. are great ways to have fun and burn calories.
Start Early or Late – A great way to start your day is to get moving and get your workout out of the way! Many summer sport leagues hold their games later in the evening and that can be the best time to be moving outdoors. Also taking a walk after super can also get you moving and end the day on a high note.
HYDRATE – Whichever way you choose to be active, be sure drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Listen to your body and if you feel thirsty, drink some water. Take regular planned water breaks even if you don’t feel thirsty.
Don’t let the heat prevent you from being active and moving this summer. We hope that our tips to help keep you safe from the summer swelter.