How To Quit Smoking

Author: Activate Allen County

February 21, 2016

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So you’ve learned about the severe health risks of cigarette smoking and you’ve decided that it’s in your best interest to quit. Unfortunately, deciding to quit is only one step in the process, actually quitting is another. It may seem easier to just keep picking up that pack and taking one out, but your health and life will improve without the toxins and negative impact of tobacco.

So you’re torn because you want to quit but it’s difficult, don’t let this obstacle stop you. There are a few tips to quit smoking that will help you in your journey.

Write Down Why You Want To Quit

Maybe it’s for your own health or maybe it’s for your loved ones, or to set a good example for your kids. Whatever the reason is, write it down. Make it a responsibility and remind yourself what your priorities are. Know that why you’re quitting outweighs the desire to smoke another cigarette.

Don’t Smoke Even “Just One”

It may seem like smoking one cigarette every once in awhile is making great progress, but this isn’t the goal. Even one cigarette is harmful to your body and health. Avoid allowing yourself to have even one cigarette because one could turn to two which turns to three and so on. Quit altogether, not just sometimes.

Find People You Can Lean On

Quitting is a time commitment and a lot of work. It may, at times, feel overwhelming or too difficult. You need to find other people that you can talk to or help motivate you when times get hard. This is a journey that will affect multiple people in your life, know that you have someone or some people that you can count on.

Look For Resources

Free resources and assistance are available at 1-800-QUIT-NOW. If you need extra help, get it! These resources are here to help you, and they exist because people need them. Tips from former smokers are available on There are people and places that want to help you, utilize them.

Celebrate Your Success

Quitting shouldn’t be a secret or something to be ashamed of. When you’ve reached a big milestone or goal, treat yourself. Whether that means to a family dinner or picking out a good movie, do something that you enjoy and celebrate your dedication to your better lifestyle. You will deserve it.

For a better, healthier life for yourself and loved ones, quit smoking. Millions of people live without smoking. You can too.