Keeping Kids Healthy and Active

Author: Activate Allen County

February 19, 2016

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It doesn’t have to be difficult. Get them outside to experience the sunshine and fresh air. As school is preparing to let out and summer is on our heels, this time is meant to give kids a break from months of education and just be kids. What kind of complaints have you heard from your kids about going outside and playing? I can guess that a few would sound something like this, “It’s too hot” or “just five more minutes I’m almost done beating this level on my video game.” Kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each day and the summertime offers great opportunities to get outside and active.

“It’s too hot.”

When dealing with the “dogs days” of summer, and the complaints of the weather being too hot to go outside, try to find creative ways to play and beat the heat. If you need some creative ideas for activities, give Pinterest a try. A great way to be active in the heat of the summer is to take a family trip to the community pool and spend a day enjoying the hot sunshine and the cool water. Another idea can be a family bike ride and stop by an ice cream stand for a sweet cold treat. Kids can also play outside and stay active as normal but have them take periodic breaks to stop and hydrate and maybe grab a nice, cold popsicle to cool off.

“Just five more minutes.”

In the summertime, set a time limit on the amount of time your kids spend on videogames and their tech devices in the house. Don’t let your kids become couch potatoes in the summer months. Get them off the couch, off the game console, and outside to play with friends and neighbors. 60 minutes of play a day is essential for kids and there are many great ways to get outside and play.

Ways to Play

Can you remember games you played when you were a kid? Does “kick the can,” “tag,” “wiffleball,” or “red rover” come to mind. Pass those games along to your kids, they are great ways to get active and be social with friends and neighbors. Those games you played as a child were fun and inspired creativity and can do the same with today’s youth. Also consider signing your kids up for a summer sports league like baseball or softball. The options for physical activity can be endless and there is so much to choose from, that kids cannot possibly be bored! (even when they say “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do today”) There are many ways to play and we want to know how your kids and family are getting active and healthy. Share your photos with us all summer long on social media with #AllenCountySummerFun!