Men’s Health Month & Tips to Keep Dad Healthy on Father’s Day

Author: PICH Team

June 13, 2016

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Men are notorious for not talking about their health. June is the perfect time to encourage the men in your life to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle. We all want the men in our lives to live long and happy lives. Father’s Day (June 19) is a tremendous opportunity to give the gift of health. Here are 5 ideas for healthy father’s day gifts.


  1. Time

Time is often listed as the number one reason that people aren’t physically active. A fantastic gift to dad’s is to provide time for physical activity. Scheduling an hour a day for 4-days per week for dad to be able to active is an amazing gift. Create a handmade gift certificate for the times and days that can be set aside for dad’s exercise!


  1. Cook him dinner… a healthy dinner

You don’t have to be a professional chef to make a delicious, healthy Father’s Day meal, thanks to the simple healthy recipes at you can use your culinary skills to cook up a scrumptious meal that is heart healthy.


  1. Membership to the YMCA/gym

Providing the guidance and support that a YMCA or gym membership provides will empower dad to live a healthy lifestyle and be active. Summer is great time to join a club.


  1. Fitbit/Jawbone/Garmin/Etc.

Fitness trackers are all the rage for good reason, as GI Joe taught us, “Knowing is half the battle.” These devices help collect important data to ensure that dad  is his daily recommended activity.


  1. Tobacco Cessation

Giving dad the tools and support to quit using tobacco products is one way to say that you care this Father’s Day. Resources and guidance is available at