Motivate Children to Get Up and Active

Author: Activate Allen County

February 21, 2016

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The USA is the #1 country with children who are overweight or obese. With serious weight problems comes serious health risks, such as in increase in the possibility of developing heart disease or diabetes. Today’s youth is suffering from physical inactivity and this is something that needs to be changed, now! As parents and adults, it is our responsibility to push our children to get active to improve their overall health and life.

60 minutes of play and physical activity a day may seem like a lot, but it doesn’t all have to be at one time. Taking even the smallest moments and turning them into a way to get up and active can add up. When you’re watching TV together, have a dance party on commercials, or a contest to see who can do the most sit-ups. When you’re headed out to the car, instead of walking, skip together or have a mini race. Take a family walk together after dinner or have everyone help and get involved in the yard work, start a game of tag, or a fun bike ride. Encourage your children to play with other kids and get involved in sports, whether it’s competitive or just for fun.

It doesn’t matter what activities you choose, the point is simply to choose an activity. Getting your child active for 60 minutes a day has many benefits for them, including:

  • Help children’s overall mental well-being
  • Increase energy and endurance inside and out of the classroom
  • Help children sleep better
  • Relieve everyday stress and anxiety
  • Aid in lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Help maintain normal weight
  • Help boost self-confidence

Getting up, out, and moving will help improve your child’s health and yours, too! Your child’s wellbeing is your responsibility, stopping future health risks before they’ve even developed is the best thing you can do to look out for them. Get your children out for 60 minutes a day and be active, they will thank you for it later!