The New You- Achieving Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Author: PICH Team

December 23, 2016

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For many people, dressing in workout clothes and hitting the treadmill in the morning can feel less like fun and more like a visit to the dentist. It can create an emotional bind every time, leaving us looking for an excuse to skip out on our physical activity. Does that sound familiar to you? It probably does because most of us have a difficult time sticking to a new routine. However, we can all have success and improve our physical health! We would like to offer some advice and tips to help keep you motivated and moving. This month we will be focusing on the “new you” for 2017 and how to set goals in health and fitness that are sustainable throughout the year and beyond. First, we will address the fitness goals that you set for the New Year.

1. Set short & long term ATTAINABLE & REALISTIC GOALS – before starting a new exercise routine, decide what your ultimate long term goals are. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, choose a realistic goal weight and create an adjustable schedule for achieving your mark with time-bound milestones throughout. Sustainable weight loss is only 1-2 lbs per week.
2. Create a PLAN – “Getting in shape” is not a plan. After you have set a realistic and obtainable goal for yourself, we suggest creating a measurable plan to accommodate your goals. Include your exercise time on your calendar and schedule your time. Organization and planning is proven to help individuals meet and exceed their goals.
3. Embrace TECHNOLOGY – Step and activity trackers can provide motivation through many ways. First there are competitions and challenges to participate in. Secondly, monitoring your output can show constant improvement and
4. Make it FUN – This one seems pretty simple, but find something that you enjoy doing and it will be easier to stick to it.
5. Build SUPPORT – Having a support network of positive minded people can lift you up on days when you struggle to find the will and motivation to exercise. Changing your lifestyle takes time and effort, having the support from those who love and care for you makes it so much easier.
6. Continually UPDATE & REEVALUATE YOUR PLAN – If you a moment of weakness, or maybe a week or two… don’t quit! We all struggle, but it is how we bounce back from our setbacks that defines us. Look at your plan and don’t hesitate to give it an update. Before too long, you will have started a new routine and your goals will have been exceeded.