Rhodes State Child Care Improves Activity and Nutrition Policies

Author: PICH Team

October 4, 2016

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Childhood obesity is a major issue in Allen County, Ohio and the United States. Here in Allen County, according the the 2014 Allen County Health Risk and Community Needs Assessment, 32% of children in Allen County are either overweight or obese. Solutions begin with the youngest among as that is why Rhodes State College Child Care Center is placing a priority on health and wellness.

Rhodes State College Child-care has partnered with Activate Allen County – PICH to promote the Let’s Go ‘5-2-1-0’ program for teachers, children and parents. Let’s GO is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program implemented throughout Maine and in a few communities in neighboring states. ‘5-2-1-0’ was developed as the foundation for change and is based on the following easy-to remember message: 1) increasing physical activity opportunities for children, 2) limiting unhealthy choices for snacks and celebrations, 3) limiting recreational screen time and 4) partnering with and educating families in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. PICH Staff and Rhodes Childcare staff have worked together to implement an action plan that included staff training, policy revision, policy communication and education materials.

Brandy Thies, Director of RSCCC at the Lima Family YMCA explained why the health of the children that they serve is so important. “Research shows that when children have a proper diet and are physically active it enhances attention & memory which has been linked to boosting ‘academic achievement in school.’   If this is the case why would we not incorporate this into the lives of our youngest children, as learning beings at birth! Here at Rhodes State College Child Care Center we want the BEST for our children and we are excited to partner with ACCC on this project because together we are starting them on their path to a healthy lifestyle and school success!.”

Rhodes State College Child Care Center is one of our region’s leaders in terms of providing an active and healthy environment for all current and future students. To find out more about Rhodes State College Child Care Center call Brandy at 419-223-1044.