Safe & Healthy Trick-or-Treat

Author: PICH Team

October 25, 2016

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that is a fun and exciting time for parents and children. As parents we want to make sure that our young ones remain safe and healthy during the trick-or-treat season. We’d like to provide some great tips that will help keep your young ones safe and active during this year’s Halloween.

Tip #1: Park and walk from house-to-house with your children. Set a good example and be active and get your steps during trick-or-treat. Challenge yourself to get as many steps as possible while collecting treats.

Tip #2: Make sure that your child is visible. Dressing your child in bright colors, placing reflective tape on the front and back of costumes, or putting blinking lights inside of your child’s candy bag can increase their visibility to drivers. Give each child a flash light for their use.

Tip#3: Ensure that your child’s costume fits properly. Oversized and/or ill-fitting costumes can lead to poor vision and may cause trip hazards. Avoid long dresses, caps and oversized shoes.

Tip#4: For older children, make sure that they are in a group and not trick-or-treating alone. The buddy system is a great way to make sure that your child is safe.

Tip #5:  Use the sidewalk when trick-or-treating. If there is no sidewalk present, walk on the side of the street facing traffic.

We encourage parents to talk to their children about being safe during the Halloween and Trick-or-Treat season. A little conversation about health and safety can go a long way. Follow us on Facebook for more tips on a safe and healthy Halloween at www.facebook.com/ActivateAllenCounty.