Smoke Free Workplaces: Why it’s the best idea for your team

Author: Activate Allen County

February 21, 2016

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It’s been said time and time again, cigarette smoking is no good for you. It is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S. and is linked to heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers, respiratory diseases, and other costly illnesses. Maybe you know these facts and statistics and you choose not to smoke, you want to reduce your possibility of illness. This is great, but what about the workplace?

Secondhand smoke is dangerous to one’s health, too. Although you may not be picking up the cigarette, consuming the smoke can risk your health as well. On top of that, if you are someone who has quit smoking being surrounded by those who do smoke will be that much more tempting to relapse.

Whether you are consuming the smoke or not, the effects of cigarette smoking always impacts more than just the smoker. According to the American College of Chest Physicians, employers spend 72.7 billion dollars annually treating smoking-related diseases. If that number seems ridiculously high, that’s because it is! This is a fee that could be reduced or even forgone with a smoke-free workplace.

There are tobacco treatment courses that help save the employer’s money and improve health and productivity of employees. 70% of smokers have said that they want to quit, but cannot without help. Quitting smoking can be difficult, however, it is not impossible. Use of the tobacco use treatments has doubled quitting success rates.

A smoke-free workplace not only helps the employer save money, but it also helps the health and overall productivity of the team. Look out for everyone involved and create an environment where success is ready to develop and blossom. Don’t let smoking hinder your possible success. A smoke-free workplace is the best place for your team to thrive, pursue it.