Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution Supports Clean Air

Author: PICH Team

July 11, 2016

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Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution has been supporting healthy and active living since the first location opened in March of 1991 here in Lima, Ohio. Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution is a leader in health and wellness, providing proven programs that produce incredible results in overall wellness, weight loss, mindset, and fitness to members and the community alike. In keeping true to their commitment to health, Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution has implemented a new and improved tobacco-free policy that protects members, employees and the public from harmful second hand smoke & tobacco use.

It had been a long-standing practice that tobacco use was not permitted in company vehicles, in company buildings, or on company grounds. Long before “tobacco free” became a trending health concern, Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution knew that prohibiting tobacco use was the right thing to do. Through their partnership with Activate Allen County, an updated, clearly stated, written tobacco free policy was developed and implemented in May of 2016. CEO and founder Donna Krech spoke to the importance of providing a tobacco free environment for members, employees and the community. “We are passionately driven by the truth that a person can feel fantastic until the day they leave this Earth. Being tobacco free is a no-brainer for our company, because it is one of the many ways we can deliver on our promise to help a person be the best they can be.”


Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution is leading by example by supporting healthy behaviors for the community and for their members. They assist members in meeting their health and well-being goals, including living tobacco free lives. Discover all that Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution has to offer by visiting thier website at or by stopping in at 709 N. Cable Rd. Lima, OH.