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Active Transportation


Keeping our community active

Members of Allen County have been working to create a safer place for pedestrians and bicyclists, so we can keep our residents active and healthy, and create a better environment.

On January 30, 2013, the county commissioners passed a resolution endorsing the creation of the Allen County Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force. This is large task force with approximately 40 members who represent many of Allen County’s geographic areas and different points of view.

We want to promote the availability and support those who walk and bicycle in Allen County. This will will help benefit our local economy by boosting the real estate market, supporting local economic development, and creating more consumer spending.

Be creating bicycle lanes and safe walking paths we can help our youth stay active! As a community that is able to let youth safely walk or ride their bikes to school and in their neighborhoods, we are enabling them to have an active and healthy childhood.

When we walk or ride our bikes, we are also making our air more breathable. In neighborhoods with unsafe sidewalks or biking lanes, people often choose to take their cars for even short trips, which increase vehicle emissions and makes our air more polluted.

The Task Force meets quarterly and has four subcommittees: Public Education and Outreach, Marketing and Promotion, Pedestrian Work Group, and the Bicycle Work Group.

Active Transportation

The purpose of Active Transportation is to provide a county-wide framework to improve infrastructure and provide the supporting policies and programs that encourage active transportation and help revitalize the economy.

The plan began in August of 2013 and completed work with Greenway in July 2014.

Allen County Active Transportation Plan
The project management is headed by Activate Allen County

  • Josh Unterbrink, Active Living Team Lead, Small Communities Transformation Grant
  • Cheri Mitchell, Project Director, Small Communities Transformation Grant

Consultant Team:

The Greenway Collaborative, Inc.

  • Norm Cox, PLA, ASLA
  • Carolyn Prudhomme, ASLA

Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc.

  • Randy Mielnik, AICP, LEED-AP
  • Paulette Huber

Community Remarks


Allen County’s Active Transportation Plan

The Allen County Active Transportation Plan enters the Implementation Phase:

Click on the link above to open the PNP in a new window. Once you are viewing the plan you can click on a line to get a general idea of what is proposed. Use the check boxes in the legend to turn on and off layers to view specific area recommendations. Many of the recommendations have links to additional resources. You can zoom in, change the background to a satellite image and even look at the area in street view.

Web Survey Results

Please take a few minutes to review the results from our Web Survey by clicking here.

Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan is available upon request. Please contact Josh Unterbrink at or 419-303-3387 for additional information.

bikingVolunteer Opportunities

If you would like to stay informed of the Task Force activities join a subcommittee, or add your name to the newsletter email list, contact Monica Harnish at

2016 Bike & Pedestrian Task Force Events & Volunteer Opportunities

February 10, 2016 – Task Force Meeting at noon in the Lima YMCA

May 4, 2016 – Bike to School Day –

May 11, 2016 – Task Force Meeting at noon in the Lima YMCA

May 16-22, 2016 Spring Bike & Pedestrian Counts –

August 10, 2016 – Task Force Meeting at noon in the Lima YMCA

September TBD, 2016 Fall Bike & Pedestrian Counts –

October 5, 2016 Walk to School Day –

November 9, 2016 – Task Force Meeting at noon in the Lima YMCA

Allen County’s Bike & Pedestrian Count Project

Volunteers are needed

We need YOU to help count all of the people using active transportation in Allen County during the week of May 16-22. You can register at  If you have any questions, call Josh at 419-221-5035.


Allen County’s Bike to Work Day

The entire Lima and Allen County community is invited to join Activate Allen County in celebrating National Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 20. Receive complimentary snacks and a bottle of water at one of Activate Allen County’s fueling stations and get connected with other cyclists who bike to work, swap tips and share routes.

This year, Activate Allen County will be hosting not just one, but two bike refueling stations.

Both will be open from 6:45 to 9 a.m. and provide snacks, water  and coffee. The Allen County Bike & Pedestrian Task Force literature and information about biking in Allen County, as well as information about the task force will be available.

One will be located at the Lima Family YMCA near the main lobby.  Bike commuters with a helmet and a picture ID can use the Lima YMCA’s showers and locker room, too. The other station will be at St. Ritas Medical Center near the intersection of Market St & Collett St.

Those who are curious about bike commuting or have individual questions regarding various aspects about bike commuting should contact Josh Unterbrink, Active Living Team Leader, at 419-303-3387.