Who We Are

Activate Allen County is a public health initiative

We are committed to promoting healthy eating, mental health & well-being, active living, and a tobacco-free lifestyle!

Activate Allen County is a locally funded initiative that focuses on educating and inspiring the people in our community to make healthy choices. We also work to educate people about the relationship between policy, environment, and community design and that relates to their health and well-being. Part of that means making changes that remove barriers and increase access to healthy behavior.

At Activate Allen County, we believe everyone should have access to healthy foods, have mental health support and the opportunity for physical activity in places that they live, work, worship, learn and play.

Who We are

Our strategies include:

Founded in 2012, our collaboration has taken on new directions as we’ve grown

When members of the Lima/Allen County community came together in 2012 and formed the collaborative that became known as Activate Allen County, there was really no way to foresee the form and direction that it would take.

Now, as we find ourselves in the midst of a successful community collaboration, we are hopeful to turn into a sustainable group that continues to work in the community to make improvement in the lives of our citizens.


Activate Allen County, a community health coalition, exists to influence and improve the culture of health and well-being for all in Allen County.


A vibrant environment where health, safety, and overall wellness are the priority and where the region’s shared values have produced the ideal place to visit, live, learn, work, worship and play for all.