Activated Faith Community Challenge

What is the Activated Faith-Based Challenge?

The Activated Faith Community Challenge is an opportunity for Faith Based Organizations to increase their support of the health and well-being of their constituents. The challenge provides technical assistance, financial support and additional resources for a healthier organization. Those who participate will be recognized for their work in promoting a healthier community.

Faith Challenge

What is the Activated Faith Community Challenge Assessment?

The Activated Faith Community Challenge Assessment can be used to measure changes in a faith community’s healthy eating, physical activity, and chronic disease prevention policies, practices, and environments. It is designed to be used at the beginning and end of a year in the Activated Faith Community Challenge. The comprehensive assessment provides the Activated Faith Community Challenge Assessment facilitators, faith community leaders, and lay leaders information about the strengths, resources, assets, and needs of the faith communities that will participate in the program.

How can you use the assessment in your faith community?

The assessment provides a baseline score for your faith community as it relates to healthy eating and physical activity guidelines and chronic disease management supports. Answer the questions to the best of your ability with what you know about your faith community. At the end of the year, or when changes have been made, repeat this assessment to receive a new score and to see what changes have taken place. At the end of this assessment, our Activated Faith Community Challenge Assessment facilitators will review your assessment and can help you work with the faith community on policy, systems, and environmental changes to support healthy eating, physical activity, and chronic disease management. After taking the assessment, you will also be provided additional programs and tools to support this work. This may include financial assistance in sustainable programs and policies.

The Activated Faith-Based Community Challenge is coming for 2024!

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Once completed, it will be submitted directly to staff for review. Staff will get back to you by phone or email with your score and also recommendations. From there, we will work together to create an improvement plan that fits your goals and assist you in carrying our your plan. Please plan for about 20-30 minutes to complete this form because once you begin, you will be unable to save your work and come back at another time. Funding is available during our open period for the challenge & our funding cycle will begin later in 2024. However, you can complete the following form & we will contact you when the program launches in 2024.