Activated School Challenge

Healthy Schools

Creating a healthy environment for students, faculty and staff requires the effort and focus of many people in our community.

We believe that schools have the opportunity to increase student achievement and health through healthy eating, physical activity, nutrition education and physical education. School health and wellness must be considered at all levels, from the school bus, the classroom, the lunchroom, the playground and after school.

With child obesity rates at crisis levels (19% of Allen County are classified as obese), now is the time to create healthy environments to support the healthy development of our youth. Our schools set the bar in terms of health and wellness for our communities. We have some terrific resources and information to help create a healthy, nutritious and active school day for all children in Allen County.

Please contact Josh Unterbrink at [email protected] for additional information about the Activated School Challenge.

Activated School Challenge

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Our 2024-2025 Activated School Challenge program will be returning in September 2024.

To get started, you can download the application & assessments for the 2024-2025 Activated School Challenge or fill out the online quick form.