Activate Allen County is a public health initiative committed to improving the health of all Allen County residents.

Explore Allen County's Community Health Atlas for current data regarding the health of our region. Mercy Health, Allen County Public Health, Activate Allen County & our partner agencies believe data should be accurate, transparent, and easy to understand. The Allen County Health Atlas was created so that you can review, explore, and compare health-related data over time and across communities throughout Allen County. In addition, the Allen County Health Atlas provides a place for residents to see our progress implementing our county’s Community Health Improvement Plan to improve health equity across our region. Our hope is that you will use this data to both better understand health in Allen County and identify opportunities to improve health and well-being. The Allen County Health Atlas is, by design, an evolving tool. Through new partnerships, improved data, and continuous updates to the site, we will be better equipped to understand and improve our county’s health.

Click here to visit the atlas.

At Activate Allen County, we are dedicated to having a positive impact on our communities. We want everyone in the area to lead healthier lives and be aware of how their actions can benefit their health - both now and into the future! Our videos focus around inspiring people with knowledge about healthy choices at every level.

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