Healthy Happens Here!

We’re creating a healthier community

Healthy Happens Here was developed, in the fall of 2014, to increase access to healthy affordable healthy food and beverage options for Allen County residents.

We provide technical assistance to store owners to obtain fresh produce from vendors and label whole grain products, low fat dairy, low sodium canned goods, healthy beverages and more. The program provides signage, resources, education and a community kick-off event to promote the changes to the store’s customers.

If you wish to join or know of a small store who may be interested, please contact our office at 419-221-5035.

The following stores have already joined our program.

Meat City
801 E Kibby St, Lima
(419) 228-3411

Corner Grocery
500 N Elizabeth St, Lima
(419) 221-2033

Wally’s Fillin’ Station
2295 N Cole St, Lima
(419) 224-2639

Ruler Foods
515 West Elm Street, Lima
(519) 221-6076

Ruler Foods Elida
2154 Elida Rd, Lima
(419) 222-0181

Daryl & Daryl’s
1290 W. Robb Avenue, Lima
(419) 224-9464

Canal Health Mart Pharmacy
102 South Broadway, Spencerville
(419) 647-4584

Elida Depot Pizza & Drive Thru
430 E. Kiracofe Avenue, Lima
(419) 331-1420

1330 Bellefontaine Ave. #A, Lima

1420 N. Cole Street, Lima